Spring is finally here! Really looking forward to 2 great ropings this weekend..Merle Fales Memorial in Thermopolis, WY ~4 Trophy Saddles!!! Ogden, UT @ Golden Spike Arena~Polaris 4-Wheelers in the #4!!!

Welcome to the Wrangler Team Roping Championships

Valley City, ND EHV-1 Update per North Dakota Assistant State Veterinarian, Sara W McReynolds, DVM, MPH, PhD:

There have been three confirmed cases of non-neuropathic EHV-1 in North Dakota this year.  The first two were located on the same premises.  The first one actually tested positive in late February at an out-of-state lab which failed to report to us, so we just learned about it recently.  Fortunately, the veterinarian had provided correct recommendations to isolate all horses on the farm, so none of the horses on that farm have been anywhere since onset of clinical signs.  The third horse tested positve last week and is also being isolated at home.  All three horses are improving.  

All EHV is lab reportable in ND, but we do not take official action and rely on practicing veterinarians to make appropriate recommendations regarding isolation, treatemnt, biosecurity and vaccination.  There is excellent information available on the Unicertiy of Minnesota's website.  The first link is to basic written information and the second link is to a 45 minute webinar that explains the disease and provides biosecurity recommendations in greater detail.  Both are great resources.



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