Wrangler Team Roping Championships


Welcome to the Wrangler Team Roping Championships


Hello everyone – we want to welcome you to the 2016 Wrangler National Team Roping Finals and thought we’d point out some of the highlights and some added events to this year’s finals.

Starting with the kids, just to keep things fun all week and give them something to do, Smarty is bringing their FREEDOM TOUR SHORTY ARENA for kids to play and have jackpots all week. It will be set up on the main concourse in the same area as Fuddruckers. There will be prizes and cash to win all week. The regular Dummy Roping will be held Saturday at 2 pm with 3 age groups; 7 & Under, 8 - 9, & 10 - 12. The Champs from each division will win a Shorty Roping Dummy. And as always, all kids will walk away with a prize. Entries are free in the Saturday Kids Dummy Roping.

Another event we’ve added this year is a #5 Gold Digger. This was requested by the ropers and we look forward to it being a great event. The #5 Gold Digger like all the other Gold Diggers is a 4 Steer Average. It will be capped at a 3+ Roper. The Gold Diggers are limited to 150 teams and have filled up every year so ropers take advantage of the pre-entry to insure a spot. Look for those details on the WTRC Finals Info Page. This year 1st pays $20,000! in all filled Gold Diggers.

Last year was the breakout year for the Wrangler Hero’s Pro Am. It was phenomenal. The ropers that participated loved it so we are making it even better this year. We talked with the Pro’s last year after the event – they also loved it and hoped we’d bring it back so it’s back and it’s bigger and better than ever. We are awarding Running P Trophy Saddles to the Amateur Header and Heeler. We’ve also decided to lower the entry fee from $500 per entry to $350 per entry. We don’t limit the entries in the Pro-Am because we want you to be able to rope with all the pro’s you desire so that is part of the reason we lowered the entry fees for 2016.

Horse Fly Tack will again be set up and ready. Ropers are welcome to call ahead and place an order so it can be picked up at the finals 406-490-9104.

If you would like to rent a golf cart while you’re at the Wrangler Finals call D & D Transport 406-671-8974 and it will be delivered to the Metra Coliseum.

As always, our corporate sponsors will be awarding their products at the Finals; Wrangler, Boulet, Fast Back, Cactus Ropes, Best Ever Pads, Priefert, and Smarty!

Annually, just under 6,000 teams compete at the Wrangler Finals. The Metra Coliseum and the Expo Center are the perfect venues to host this large of a team roping event. It’s an exciting time of year, knowing you’ve roped all year and now you’re backed in the box at the finals, the lights are bright, the announcer is loud, the crowd’s looking down, the payoffs are big, the prizes are terrific, it’s all on the line, right there, right now. What a way to finish out the year!!

We wish you the best!


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