Wrangler Team Roping Championships


Welcome to the Wrangler Team Roping Championships


VIP #10     2019 Format

Must be 30 years old or a Lady of any age
NO CAP on ropers
3 Steer Average Format & Handicapped
Handicap will be standard at every event
#10 Even, #9 -1 sec, #8 -3 sec, #7 -5 sec, #6 & Under -7 sec


FORMAT - #13 Mixed Handicap
#13 Even, #12 -1 sec, #11 -2 sec, #10-4 sec, #9-6 sec, #8 & Under - 8 sec
4 Steer Average
Eligible Teams - One Partner Must be

Ldy of any age - Boy 12 yrs & Under - Man over 65 yrs

Wrangler Mixed Roping Rules
To qualify for the 2019 Wrangler Mixed Roping Finale you must compete in 1 Mixed.
Boys the day you turn 13 you become a Sr Roper. You are then eligible to rope with a Lady, 12 or Under or Man over 65.
Men are eligible the year you turn 65.



Handicaps are meant to be fair and can be hard to predict.
If the current handicap is not balanced or correct; an announcement to the membership will be posted on
Wrangler Team Roping Championships website with the new handicap.


We apologize for running behind on our results. 
We've had a problem with our website
and hope to have it resolved soon. 
Thank you for your patience.


WTRC Upcoming Events WTRC Wrangler Team Roping

Dec 28 - 30
Rapid City, SD
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Dec 29 - 30
Laurel, MT
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Dec 29 - 30
Kalispell, MT
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Jan 12 - 13
Great Falls, MT
Details Pending

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